Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Studio Diner in San Diego Serves Up Diner Classics

Studio Diner Front http://exploringcaliforniaandbeyond.blogspot.com/2014/02/studio-diner-in-san-diego-serves-up.html

One of our favorite places to visit is San Diego. Jon lived there for many years and it is still a favorite city. Home to Naval bases and plenty of sunshine, there is always something to do in this city. We got a chance to visit a few weeks ago and stayed in the Claremont Mesa area of town. One of the places we ate has become a favorite of both locals and visitors alike.

Studio Diner‎
4701 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

Studio Diner lives up to it's name as it located on the lot of a working movie and TV studio, Stu Segall Productions. They have produced such TV shows as Silk Stalkings and Renegade. The diner was added to feed the crew 24/7 and what restaurant would be a better fit than a traditional All American diner.

Studio Diner Dude http://exploringcaliforniaandbeyond.blogspot.com/2014/02/studio-diner-in-san-diego-serves-up.html
Studio Diner serves up delicious traditional diner classics but adds many fabulous twists. Our family and friends enjoyed a delicious meal that is very filling and was wonderfully made. The atmosphere adds a lot to the experience too with movie memorabilia and such - like this guy who is outside on the patio.

Since this is a diner, we were a bit concerned with handicap accessibility as diners are traditional small and packed. We did not need to worry as there are plenty of tables and chairs and an entire patio out back that was perfect for us. Jon was able to roll though the diner with little concern and we replaced the plastic chairs outside for a regular wooden chair. We did not visit the rest room, so we have no info on the accessibility there.

All of our meals were delicious and we enjoyed sharing a bit of this and that. There a huge selection of breakfast classics, sandwiches, salads and regular meals. Great menu all around and we will definitely be back for more next time we visit!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Things to do When Visiting Merced, CA

Merced is situated along Highway 99 and known as the "Gateway to Yosemite" so it is home to many hotels and motels convenient for lodging before the trip into Yosemite Valley. Merced sees thousands of visitors a year that may be looking for some family activities while spending a few days in town.

Here are some local features that you may be interested in checking out for some family fun.
* Movie Theaters - Merced has 3 theaters in town; one at the Merced Mall (UA Regency), one downtown on Main Street (Main Place Stadium Theater) and the third is also on Main Street (Merced Theater) and shows classic movies, headline events and other features.

* Playhouse Merced - offers plays by local actors. Great family enjoyment in a small setting, the plays are well done and feature a range of showtimes.

* Bowling - The only bowling center is in Atwater, approximately 7 miles north. Bellevue Bowl is located on Bellevue Road and is easily accessed from the highway.

* Fitness Centers - Merced has a number of fitness centers - InShape City- in various locations all over town. Several have pools and child care available.

* Shopping Mall - Merced does have a shopping mall with the main anchors of JC Penney, Kohl's, CVS Drug Store, and Sears, along with many smaller stores located on Olive Avenue. It is clean and well attended and perfect for forgotten purchases or something to do on a rainy day.

* Local Shopping - Downtown Merced has many various stores for shopping. Visit Main Street and surrounding areas for nice local shops as well as Bear Creek Galleria on G Street. Olive Avenue also has plenty of shops such as Barnes and Noble, Lowes, Pier I and more. Go North on G to Yosemite Ave and turn right to The Promenade and other local shops and restaurants, like Strings Cafe.

* Farmers Markets and street fairs also occur in the downtown Main St area. The Merced Certified Farmers Market is located at 19Th and N every Saturday from 8-12pm all year long! Also located in The Promenade center from May to Dec. 8-12pm each Wednesday

* Merced Multi-Cultural Center - Offer displays of artwork and other features by artists. Located on Main Street in Merced

* Parks and Outdoor Fun - Merced offer several parks that are of note for family fun. Applegate Park offers a lovely setting for family picnics and enjoyment. With playgrounds and equipment for kids at KiddieLand and the Applegate Zoo. Also Lake Yosemite in North Merced offers water activities and picnic areas.

* Roller Skating - For a relaxing afternoon on skates, Rollerland offers a great way for everyone to burn off some steam and excess energy! A fun family activity.

* Castle Museum - Located in Atwater on Santa Fe Road, Castle Air Museum offers daily tours of Military aircraft definitely worth seeing.

Next time you are visiting Merced or just passing through looking for something to do, check out some of these activities that you and the family will enjoy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nuts Fresh From the Farm at Buchanan Hollow Nut Company

Nuts Fresh From the Farm at Buchanan Hollow Nut Company http://exploringcaliforniaandbeyond.blogspot.com

Living in the Central Valley of California has a lot of benefits. The most important one for me is that this is the main growing area for amazing nuts and fruits that get delivered all over the world. We are surrounded by beautiful almond trees, walnuts, pistachios, peaches, apples, grapes and so much more! Fresh is definitely best.

One of my favorite places to buy my fresh nuts is a nut company located in the heart of Merced County, in a small town called Le Grand. For 30 years Buchanan Hollow Nut Company has been providing quality nuts, dried fruits and candies from California's San Joaquin Valley. Locally owned, BHNC provides a fabulous section of the freshest nuts around. My favorite is their 4 Nut Brittle which is made right there in the shop. So good! Their chocolate covered nuts and chocolate covered raisins are amazing as well. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and you can taste the difference!

Buchanan Hollow Nut Company ships all over the world, in bulk or packaged for gift giving. Their organic pistachios, organic almonds and walnuts are grown right there on the farm. You can stop by the shop, take a farm tour or visit them through their website for pictures and order placement. The shop is full of sweet gifts and the owners watercolors too!

If you love fresh nuts and fruits right from the farm and the local huller, you owe it to your self to take a drive to see and shop at Buchanan Hollow Nut Company. They are located off of Highway 99 just north of the Chowchilla exit on Minturn Road. It's worth the trip and you will be hooked. That stuff in the stores will never be good enough again!