Monday, July 21, 2014

Central California Gilroy Garlic Festival Coming July 25

It is that time again. One of the most unique festivals that is held in Central California is coming up this month. It is less than a week away for the start of the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Gilroy, located on Highway 101 south of San Jose and north of Salinas, is home to rich fertile land that offers the perfect weather for growing garlic. Gilroy has long been the home of amazing fields loaded with garlic of all sizes. The scent wafts through the small town throughout the harvest season and during one of the tastiest festivals around.

This year, the festival is held from July 25-27, 2014 to celebrate all things garlic. The festival has grown to include amazing foods created using the potent spice and garlic lovers from around the world travel to Gilroy to taste these amazing creations. Chefs, businesses, and garlic lovers combine to create amazing flavors and foods that you cannot resist. The Gilroy Garlic Festival is a one of a kind fun time for the whole family.

You can enjoy such fun events as the Garlic Cook Off, Gourmet Food Alley, Kids Area, Art & Crafts, Garlic Ice Cream, the Wine Pavilion and Entertainment in the Amphitheater.

This year is the 36th annual and it will be yet another great time for a family outing. Open from 10am-7pm, there is plenty of activities and things to see for a fun day out. Plus you can download their app so you don't miss a thing! Check out the website for directions and more info on the festival.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Road Trip Essentials for Safe Summer Travel

I love a great road trip. I grew up traveling by car and spent many summers criss-crossing the country. Since I live 2000 miles from my family, I still travel cross country via car often and my son grew up the same way I did. It is so fun to see the sights and all that our country offers often missed when flying.

If you are planning a long distance car trip this summer, you have to check out the list of my favorite necessities and essentials for a safe journey.

Road Trip Essentials for Your Summer Travels

Emergency Service Assistance

Always the first on my list is to make sure that my emergency service assistance is in effect and covers everything I need. AAA or a similar service often found through your car insurance is important. Often, there are discounts for hotels as well as a break down service that is a must have. I never leave home without my coverage and yes, we have used it - several times! Plus the hotel discounts really add up! Worth the investment

Medications or Prescriptions

I know it is hard to imagine, but my hubby has forgotten his medications when we were traveling. Luckily, we used a national drugstore chain and were able to get an emergency refill easily but it did take some time. Plan out your medications to take with you along with some extra for emergencies. If you use a national chain you can have a supply refilled at your destination.

Health Insurance Information

Don't leave home without your medical cards and insurance info. This also includes others that many be traveling with you, such as minors. We often have another child that travels along with us that is a friend of my son. We also carry their medical cards and a letter of authorization from the parents to be able to treat the child should something unexpected happen. This is very important as you would not be able to obtain medical care until the other parents are reached!

Your Will and Medical Directive Information

If you are taking any kind of trip this needs to be in place before leaving. If something should happen, make sure that everything is covered as far as your needs and wishes. If you don't have your will completed, do one today and leave directions with a trusted family member or close personal friend where to find it. Don't forget your medical directive too!

Credit Card with Plenty of Room

I always make sure to carry one credit card with plenty of room on it for emergencies like car break downs and unexpected expenses. I have had my motor home break down in the middle of New Mexico in 100+ weather with no A/C and no toilet and trust me, the card came in handy!

Plenty of Reading Materials and Things to Do

For me, having plenty of reading material is must. When I am traveling I spend hours a day reading and crocheting. I hate to be bored and if I am not driving, I need something to do. Books on CD are awesome! The Harry Potter series is fabulous to listen to on road trips for kids and adults too! I remember one trip my son only brought a few things and within the first 3 hours he was bored. Needless to say, we stopped at the next big town to find more appropriate activities for him and it never happened again! He remembered :)

Tasty Healthy Snacks and Munchies

Plenty of healthy snacks or the road is always on my list. We started traveling with my son when he was a baby and we never stopped. Trust me when I say snacks are a necessity whether you are on a ship, a plane or in the car. I carry healthy, easy to pack treats like peanuts, small cheese crackers, beef jerky, dried fruits and similar non perishable snacks.

If a summer road trip is on your agenda this year, add these tips to your check list. Let me know what some of your must-have essentials are for your road trips.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things to Do in Monterey County This Summer

One of my most favorite places to visit in California is the Monterey area. I was thrilled to be able to offer an article for Things to See in Pebble Beach for the First Time Visitor on Blog Monterey and today I am planning my next weekend getaway and I was excited to receive in my email the newest list of fabulous things to do in Monterey County this summer. I just knew I had to share it with you.

The article is posted on the site through the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau and it offers many fabulous tips and destination that you will love. Always family friendly and plenty of good things to do and see. Whale watching, camping, beach activities, sport activities like kayaking and golf. How about art and wine festivals and even motor sports? There is always something going on in and around Monterey and Carmel. It is no wonder that it is a favorite destination for so many people, like my family!

If you are looking for fabulous things to do this summer, check out the Monterey area. I think you will love it, just like we do.